About the Project Developer

Joselyn Todd

I have been teaching 11 years at Cary Academy and curently teach 7th grade science, a MS Medical Technology Course, and a 11th/12th Grade Medical Technology Course/Clinical Experience. I am also the middle school science department chair.

In the classroom, I am currently focusing on:

  • Integration of Web 2.0 technologies into my general science curriculum such as content delivery via RSS feeds, podcasting, screencasting, social networking, and vodcasting.
  • Developing and facilitating the Cary Academy Advances in Medical Technology Program (AMTP) which focuses on robotic assisted cardiovascular surgery as well as other emerging medical technologies in neuropsychiatry and orthopedics.
  • Integration of general programming (Scratch) and robotics (Lego Mindstorms) into general science classes.
  • Assimilation of blogging and wiki use into the classroom curriculum.


e-mail: joselyn_todd@caryacademy.org
phone: 919-677-3873 ext. 4541
website: http://cams7science.wordpress.com/
MidLink Magazine- "An Online Magazine Created for and by Teachers and the Students that They Teach."- http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/
MidLink Blog- http://midlinkemergingtech.wordpress.com/